Tell Us Your Contraception Stories

We want to know how your contraception has impacted on your life - the good and the bad stuff... Photo by Sophie Davidson

Tell Us Your Contraception Stories

by Debrief Staff |
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Widespread access to realiable contraception was one of the most liberating developments of the 20th Century. Suddenly women were faced with choices beyond, wait until marriage to have sex or risk a shotgun wedding, illegal abortion or the stigma of a pregnancy outside of marriage.

And for many people, the contraception they've chosen works amazingly. But for others - it just doesn't. Even if it fulfills its original promise: successfully preventing unwanted pregnancy, hormonal contraceptives have at various points been charged with being a factor in a range of health problems including but by no means limited to weight gain, migraines and mood swings.

Which is why we want to know more about your contraception and the impact it has on you.

Our survey will take five minutes and you can choose to remain completely anonymous. Your answers will be kept confidential and your contact details won't be passed to any other organisations...

All sounds good? You can take our survey here!


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