Teenage Girl Tweets Anti-Semitic Slurs After Taking Controversial Smiling Selfie At Concentration Camp

Her selfie at Auschwitz is just the beginning of the shitstorm


by Fiona Byrne |
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A teenage girl who faced the wrath of the Twittersphere after she posted a smiling ‘Auschwitz’ selfie to social media has gone on to Tweet several anti-Semitic slurs in her defence of the picture.

The girl, known by just her first name Breanna, posted the smiling selfie a few weeks ago, but for some reason people only started picking up on it this weekend.

Her explanation for posting the insensitive shot was that she’d studied WWII with her father and they’d talked about visiting Auschwitz before his death last year, therefore the visit was a special one.

However, even if you don’t judge her for a taking an inappropriate smiling selfie at Auschwitz, her behaviour on social media after she Tweeted her defense is a whole other story.

Among the re-Tweets of support are a couple of grossly anti-Semitic slurs, including a joke with a picture of Hitler and the words ‘Jew mad? Because I did Nazi it coming.’


She also retweeted one saying ‘This chick @PrincessBMM has real mfers behind her now watch how these Jews crying mfers wilt away.’

We’re not quite sure how to sum up Breanna’s behaviour but ‘ignorant,’ 'insensitive,' and ‘naïve,’ are some words that come to mind. Oh, and really, really 'dumb.'

Picture: Twitter

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