Throwback Thursday Is Keeping Myspace Alive

The power of Instagram is paying Myspace Tom's bills


by Jess Commons |
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Good news guys, Myspace, that poorly formatted pre-Facebook thing you spent your teenage years on searching for new and obscure bands with names like Dripping Carcass, is alive and well. But not for the reasons it's meant to be.

As you well know, after you departed Myspace for pastures new (Facebook, Twitter, Ask FM if you're 12), Rupert Murdoch bought it for $580 million - before selling up and making a $545 million loss. Gutted. Anyways, Justin Timberlake bought it and turned it into a snazzy new music website that we don't totally understand. Despite our ignorance though, Myspace is still reaching 50 million people a month, which is pretty darn impressive. According to co-owner Tim Vanderhook, a lot of people come back to access old pictures, 'Myspace was an early photo-sharing plaftorm so we still see a lot of people coming back to access old photos. They may not visit every day but they come back once a week or once a month.' Yes my friend, and that day is Thursday, and we visit for the purpose of Throwbacking.

Sadly, when I signed into my old Myspace (props to us for remembering that password seven years later, who says the internet's diddling our brains) there was only a couple of pictures left of the original thousands I had up there. Here's one when my friend Anna and I went MENTAL and decided to make duck beaks out of Pringles. Wild times in sixth form I tell you.


Anyways, this Thursday guys, do your bit for Justin Timberlake and head over to Myspace to pinch one of your old pictures for Instagram. Who knows, maybe you'll even figure out what the music part of the website does. Let us know if you do.

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