How Taylor Swift Will Shake It Off On Her Birthday (In GIFS)

How Taylor Swift Will Celebrate Her Birthday (In GIFS)


by Emma Spedding |
Published on

On Saturday Taylor Swift turns 25. We imagine she is celebrating by eating lots of Karlie's Kookies and having extra snuggles with her cat Olivia Benson, but one thing is for sure she won't be sitting still. Taylor Swift is the queen of adorkable dancing. Although we won't be able to see her birthday moves IRL, thanks to the number of awards shows she attends we have a pretty good idea how she'll be celebrating. Check our our GIF guide to Taylor's birthday moves below..

1. The big Westlife move

2. Dancing like a Taylor Swift fan

  1. 'It's my birthday and I'll wear a big dress if I want to'

4. The mosh pit head bang

5. The 'singing into your hairbrush' number

6. The walking into the clurb head bob

7. The 'I'm THE Woman Of The 2014' shimmy

8. The one when you think no one is watching

9. The one when you hope EVERYONE is watching

10. Taylor's Dad dancing

11. Finally, the Taylor Swift signature move

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