This Tampon Buying Teen Is The Best Mate We Wish We Had

Jose Garcia calls upon all men to carry sanitary towels with them...

This Tampon Buying Teen Is The Best Mate We Wish We Had

by Sophie Wilkinson |

Despite having had periods for about a decade and feeling that looming dread every single month, sometimes we feel like Aunt Flo take us by surprise. So imagine what our joy would be way back in our schooldays if boys actually brought tampons and sanitary towels to school?

Because that’s what one boy is doing. Jose Garcia, otherwise known as falloutbooty99 on Instagram, uploaded a caption of himself holding some sanitary towels. Even though we’d prefer to forget every single pubescent waddle we made with a hefty sanitary towel wedged between our legs, we’ll forgive him, because the caption reads: ‘TO EVERY BOY THAT FOLLOWS ME AND CALLS HIMSELF A MAN OR SIMPLY A GOOD HUMAN BEING. Petition for all of us to start bringing a couple pads or tampons to school to help our girl friends.’

And even continues…

Since uploading the post a month ago, his post has become the subject of a meme, screengrabbed with the comment: ‘and the biggest pussy award goes to…..’

Jose’s response? ‘Ofc….’, which is slang for ‘of fucking course’, because of course he gets the biggest pussy award because, well, all the haters who retweeted that mean response would probably get a helluva a lot more pussy if they were kind enough to think of the women around them.

Jose, the only thing we can fault you with is, where were you when we were in school and can you hand out some heavy-duty painkillers too, please?

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