Sylvanian Families Are Giving Away A Sylvanian Families Themed Wedding(!!)

Wanted: one life partner for marriage. Must enjoy small woodland animals.

Sylvanian Families Are Giving Away A Sylvanian Families Themed Wedding(!!)

by Jess Commons |
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Are you getting married next year? You lucky son of a gun. See Sylvanian Families are giving away one Sylvanian Families themed wedding to a couple of their choice leaving all of us without a betrothed devastated to be missing out on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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As you well know, Sylvanian Families are the small woodland creature toys that everyone but everyone was obsessed with when you were a kid. We used to bring the babies to school and swap them like Pokemon (weird), I had an entire Sylvanian village set up in the roll out box I had under my bed, complete with the piece de resistance, the Sylvanian canal boat. It was great.

So, what better honour could there possibly be than to have your wedding transformed into a Sylvanian Families day of joy? I for one would give my left arm to have Mr Otter perform the ceremony whilst Mrs. Rabbit from the general store made my wedding cake. As for the honeymoon? How about the aforementioned canal boat?

So far there doesn't seem to be much pick up from Sylvanian Family's offer on Twitter which is a crying shame but also, gives us more time to find someone, anyone, who would be keen to marry a 20-something with an unhealthy obsession with 90s toys.

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