7 Tips For Riding Out The Tube Strike

7 Tips For Riding Out The Tube Strike


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If you live in zones 1 to 9 you might be aware that we are living in the middle of a tube strike. We haven't uncovered the secret to teleportation/ found a Floo Network/ got a magical unlimited Uber code, but we have a few tips for making your commute a little more bearable. And we're not just talking about Candy Crush and What's App..

1. The apps to help you through this tough 24 hours...

For planning your alternative routes, download CityMapper (the saviour of London transport), Santander Cycles, London Bus Live Countdown and Walkit (this calculates walking time and calories burned).

2. Zone out with a podcast...

One of the lucky few to not have listened to Serial yet? Download it immediately. Other commute-changing podcasts are 99% Invisible, The Mystery Show and Invisibilia. If you want to listen to something soothing, two words: Andy Puddicombe (of Headspace Radio fame).

**3. Free stuff


The last time we had a Tube Strike, various brands offered loads of great treats to commuters, like Strada offering free coffees throughout the day.

Fitness First also allowed anyone to have a shower at any of their branches by simply flashing your Oyster card.

And the best one of all...the new app Gett promised to deliver a free bag of Cadburys Twirl bites to offices for free.

Here's hoping we get similar goodies this year...

4. If you want to ride out the tube strike like Jay Z, hire a man and a Jag...

Captstar Chaffeurs is a company with a fleet of make-you-feel-like Beyonce wheels (we're talking about Jags, Range Rovers, Mercs), all driven by ex-servicemen.

5. Think about your Instagram game

The London Underground might be convenient, but it's not very photogenic. So at least you have the opportunity for a good scenic shot on your two hour walk...

6. You won't have to see any of these 'delights' on your commute.

People on the tube can be annoying. Granted, you might still meet them on the bus or train (unless they stay at home), but if you are able to walk in, you won't!

7. Remember the meme 'if Britney Spears got through 2007, you can get through today.'

It's only a few days people.

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