Sleep Through Last Night’s Supermoon? This Is What You Missed

Sleep Through The Supermoon? This Is What You Missed


by Emma Spedding |
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Last night there was a rare eclipse which made the moon appear blood-red around the world. If you slept through the supermoon eclipse (let's face it a 3am alarm on a Sunday is not happening), at least the internet has more pictures of the red moon than you could ever hope for.

Before we bring you some of the best pictures from around the web, let us first explain what a supermoon eclipse actually is. A supermoon is when the moon's orbit is closest to earth, making it appear 8% bigger than usual. When combined with a lunar eclipse, the moon appear reds. We will next see a supermoon eclipse in 2033.

Until then, take a look through some of the most magical pictures of the supermoon in the gallery below...


Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

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Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Binzhou Shandong [Rex]

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Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Brussels, Belgium

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Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Hackney

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Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in China

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Super moon in Los Angeles

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Supermoon eclipse in London [Rex]

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Blood Moon Super Eclipse in Berlin [Rex]

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