What Does The Last Supermoon Of 2016 Actually Mean?

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What Does The Last Supermoon Of 2016 Actually Mean?

by Jennifer Lynn |
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Tonight, on December 14th 2016, there will be the last supermoon of the year. It’ll be the third time in three months we’ve seen the moon this big (if you could see past the giant cloud last time), with The Royal Observatory Greenwich recommending that midnight until dawn will be the best times to catch it, so looks like it’s late nights all round. Oh, and in case you’re thinking about going to bed and ignoring it, please note it’s your last chance to see a supermoon until November 25th 2034 (so says NASA).

But WTF does the supermoon actually do/mean? Well, if you believe everything you read on the internet, quite a few things – both for better and for worse. Here's just a few of the supermoon-related tales doing the rounds…

**1. Your Christmas shopping plans will be shot to shit **

In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, renowned psychic Rose Smith said, 'There is a lot of stress in the aether, and a lot of pent up emotions built up over time. People have to tighten the reins on their tongues otherwise feelings might come out all over the place… It could be a battle ground. I would be going early if you haven't already done your Christmas shopping. I would have a battle plan as things will probably not go the way you anticipate with all the extra activity going on in the aether.' Damn that aether.

2. You’ll be all about new beginnings

Thanks to the ending of a ‘9’ cycle, which began in 2008, you might find yourself ending old relationships or career paths to start new ones. Apparently. 'Spirits want people to let go of the past and let go of old patterns, which is a new cycle at the beginning of the next year, 2017 is a new cycle in numerology,' explains Rose.

3. But communication will be strong too

Somewhat conflicting with the idea of Rose's 'battle ground,' the full moon is in Gemini this time around, which is said to be great for communication. Thank goodness for this small glimmer of positivity.

4. You'll find out some new info

Full moons, and therefore supermoons, are said to bring or uncover information. If you insist on getting your Insta creep on, now would be a really good time to suss out what went down with your boyfriend's sister's best friend's cousin and that guy she met in Ibiza this summer.

There might be an earthquake

Note we said might, so don't panic, but a paper by Japanese researchers in the journal Nature Geoscience says that links between the moon, seismic activity and tidal events are 'significant.' Prophet Nigel Antony Gray predicted a quake in New Zealand on November 14th, the same date as the last supermoon, and it happened. He's predicted another one today… so maybe batten down the hatches, NZ, just in case.

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