Superdrug Are Now Refunding You Your Tampon Tax

It's not about the cash, it's about the bloody principle of the thing

Superdrug Are Now Refunding You Your Tampon Tax

by Jess Commons |
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Tampon Tax isn't about the money. Sanitary products in the UK are currently taxed at 5% meaning that often, it's only pennies that you're losing per purchase but, when things like bloody crocodile meat aren't taxed and the tampon tax is justified by classing sanitary products as a 'luxury item', it's the principle of the whole thing that's got us riled up.

Following George Osbourne's controversial announcement in November that the Tory government planned to keep the Tampon Tax alive and well but donate the proceeds to womens' charities (because women should have to pay for services that often protect women from men and have already been cut by the Tory Government right?), pharmacy and health shop Superdrug are stepping up to do their part; by refunding you your tampon tax.

Gemma Mason, a spokesperson for the store said, 'It’s not like women choose to have periods. Britain is so far behind on this compared to some other countries. I think when you look at what other products are classed as tax-free it’s actually scary to think sanitary products aren’t classed as such.' She continued, 'Why is an exotic item like crocodile meat free from VAT but women are still paying additional costs on these vital products? They aren’t luxury items, they are essential and I think it is unfair women are being charged more.'

So, if you have a Superdrug loyalty card, every time from now on that you buy yourself some Superdrug own brand tampons or sanitary towels, the shop will give you back between three and ten points to spend in store with each point working out at roughly one penny each. Again, it's not much, but it's the bloody principle of the whole thing.

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