5 Simple Things Successful People Do Every Day

5 Simple Things Successful People Do Every Day

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    By Arianna Chatzidakis Posted on 1 Nov 2017

    Do you ever feel like one of those people in life who has nothing but bad luck? And equally, do you have that one extremely successful mate, for whom things always seem to work out?

    What if we told you that you could potentially increase your odds of becoming more successful by doing some very simple things? Yep, it’s true! Follow the below habits and you can expect success to come your way soon…

    1. Successful people harness the Law of Attraction

    If you haven’t heard of the Law of Attraction, then you’re seriously missing out. It’s a very powerful thought process, which, simply put, is based on the ability to attract into your life whatever you’re focusing on. So, if you’re focusing on becoming wealthier, the universe will hear your request and bring you wealth. The catch? It’s only believed to work if you really, really focus on, and believe in what you’re saying. To get really clued up on on the Law of Attraction, buy and read The Secret.

    2. Successful people say positive things to themselves every day

    You’ve probably heard stories of people who speak to themselves every day in the mirror? Yep, we know, it’s cringey. BUT, this action of reinstating positive thoughts actually works. It’s like tricking your brain into believing something good will happen. So, tomorrow morning, try saying this to yourself: ‘Today is going to be a fab day and good things are coming’. Then wait for success to come (you can thank us later).

    3. Successful people break routine and welcome the unexpected

    If you follow the same routine every day, it’s unlikely that you’ll maximise your chances at success. Breaking your daily routine can be something as simple as reading a new book or listening to a podcast on your way to work, as these will open your eyes up to new ways of thinking. Or, if you want to do something a little more ‘out there’, you can try taking a different route into work or joining a sports club.

    4. Successful people expand their circles

    Successful people tend to be extroverts. They have lots of friends and are always on the hunt for new connections, because new connections = more variation and therefore, more chances at success. You never know what doors can open up through meeting someone new! So go on, get out there and start socialising. And remember: step out of your comfort zone and talk to different people - not just the kind you would normally gravitate towards.

    5. Successful people turn negatives into positives

    Even if you’re the one of the most successful people in the world, you’re still bound to experience unlucky, bad days. The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is the way they deal with situations. For example, a successful person wouldn’t ruminate over bad luck - instead they would look for the positives in the situation or look for a new opportunity. Positive thinking caps, on!

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