Students Find 200-Year-Old Cave Under Rented Digs

A group of students were spooked to find a 200-year-old cave under their rented house in Nottingham.

Nottingham Students Find 200-Year-Old Cave Under Rented Digs

by Katie Russell |
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We’ve all heard our fair share of student house horror stories – mould in the bathroom, rats in the kitchen, evil landlords…

But a group of students from Nottingham Trent found themselves in a scene from a horror film when they discovered a secret passage in their student house leading down into a dark cave.

It all started when a group of workmen left a door unlocked on the ground floor after installing a new emergency lighting system. The students were (of course) curious, so they went down to explore and found a 6ft by 4ft cave.

One of the students, Stephanie Bennett, 20, told* Nottingham Post*, ‘It was quite exciting but we all had to go down together because we were afraid of what we might have found’. Understandably.

Unsure what they had stumbled into, they contacted some archaeologists. From these specialists, the students found out that the cave was around 200 years old and had probably been a domestic cellar in the 1800s.

So what are their plans for the cave? Surely it would be tragic to let a potential rave cave go to waste…

Stephanie Bennett told the* Nottingham Post*, ‘We don’t know what we’re going to do with it and we haven’t had any parties down there yet’. Key word there being ‘yet’.

Nottingham actually has over 700 caves from 18th-19th Century scattered around under its houses. We have to admit we’re super jealous. Imagine being able to literally go into a cave to ignore that one annoying housemate who’s pissed off you didn’t do the washing up.

But of course, caves also have an important cultural purpose. They are part of Nottingham’s heritage and tell us about the city’s past and the social status of the people who lived there.

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