What Does Your Sport Of Choice Say About You?

What Does Your Sport Of Choice Say About You?


by Grazia |

Will you vote Labour or Conservative? Would you give up your seat on the commute? Well the answers may lie in your work out. According to a psychological study by Mindlab, your choice of sport reveals more than just if you like working up a sweat or not. So here is what, according to the research, your sport says about you…

Cyclists: You're more likely to vote liberal, are least likely to be depressed or suffer stress and are more materialistic. Chanel helmet, anyone?

Walkers: You like your own company (perhaps an obvious one), are charitable, the least materialistic and don't like being the focus of attention.

Runners: According to the research, you're more likely to vote labour, be an extrovert and love being the centre of attention. You also like upbeat music, because running to Rihanna is more fun than Coldplay, right?

Swimmers: You make the best lovers (congrats), are charitable and are the happiest. Oh and swimmers are more likely to have a tidy bedroom, apparently.

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