Something To Watch (Loads) On Your Lunchbreak: Snoop Dogg’s Nature Documentary Plizzanet Earth

Having a crap day? Cheer yourself up on your lunch break with this brilliant minute-long nature documentary from Snoop Dogg. Yes, Snoop Dogg.


by Stevie Martin |

Say what you like about Snoop Dogg, he knows how to take the piss out of himself. Plizzanet Earth is a new minute-long series on Jimmy Kimmel Live that sees Snoop narrate a beautiful moment from nature, David Attenborough-style. But with way more swearing.

In this, the first episode, a polar bear attempts to take on a walrus, all to the tune of the Snizzle’s dulcet commentary and you know what? It’s pretty interesting. Partly because the events don’t pan out as you’d expect, and partly because of Snoop Dogg’s insightful observations.

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Highlights include ‘that’s some dumb-ass polar bear’ and helpful hints on how to tell a walrus apart from your average seal/sea lion (‘seals no got no teeth like that’ in case you were wondering).

Posted on YouTube last night, the video has already racked up over 90k views at the time of writing – hopefully, this’ll cement the future of Plizzanet Earth, and ensure we get a load more episodes. Lions would be good, for obvious reasons – Snoop once changed his name to Snoop Lion in a fit of madness, so maybe he’ll identify with the kings of the jungle.

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