Someone Has Opened A Teeny Tiny Mouse Shop In Sweden

Stop it right there

Mouse house

by Debrief Staff |

It’s Friday, which means it’s perfectly acceptable to spend your day trawling the internet for silly news. But we did the hard work for you, and look what we found.

An anonymous art project popped up on the streets of Malmö, Sweden. The mouse-sized shop and restaurant is in the intersection between Bergsgatan and Almbacksgatanand, and it's quite possibly the cutest thing we have ever laid eyes on. This and the alpaca from yesterday.

The shop, named ‘Noix de Vie,’ which translates into 'Nuts of Life,' sits on the pavement and sells nuts for the local mice in the neighbourhood. I mean, can we just take a moment for this. The mice in Sweeden now have a better selection of fancy nuts than we do? They even have a bike, and flowers outside their house. This mouse shop looks fancier than our actual homes. And it doesn’t end there, next door an Italian restaurant called ‘Il Topolino’ has taken up residence. Stop it right there. I honestly want to visit both Il Topolino and Noix de Vie, buy a pack of overly priced pistachios and eat pizza till I feel sick.

The person behind this teeny tiny project goes by the name ‘Anonymouse’ on Instagram, and they aren’t giving anything away. They do have an email, which I can extremely tempted to drop them a message on…

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