21 Social Media Struggles Of Your Twenties And Thirties

Social Media Struggles Twenty And Thirty-Somethings Can Relate To

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by Lauren Smith |
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Finding social media a bit of a b*tch in your late twenties and thirties? We can relate. These are the struggles the Grazia team find all too real.

  1. Everyone is engaged, married, or having babies. Your Facebook feed is polluted with pcis of all three. Meanwhile, you ate a sandwich the size of your head.


  1. You don't get Snapchat, or why you'd send sexy selfies.

  2. You get a horrific fright when the front camera is actually on

  3. Your food photos just look a bit sh*t. And your mum said so on Instagam last week.

  4. You've Instagram-stalked your friend's friend so much you volunteered creepy details about her life when you met.

  5. Selfie sticks are your idea of society gone wrong.


  1. You tried some Pinterest hacks but those beetroot brownies made your friend throw up


  1. The distinction between your dream home on Pinterest and reality is so depressing.

  2. Trying to organise anything on a girls Whatsapp group is hell

  3. You can't 'control your brand' when everyone tags you in gross photos.

  4. Your life is too unspo for Instagram

  5. You're over 'FOMO' - but you do get life envy

  1. YouTube stars confuse you - you mistook one of them for One Direction. You tried to watch some funny videos but gave up after like five minutes.

  2. You deep liked a photo on someone's Instagram you don't even know

  3. You're a lurker on Twitter - no-one re tweets anything you say so you stick to cute animal photos or Kardashian gifs.

  4. Your mum has a better Instagram than you


  1. Your niece has a better Instagram than you

  2. All your family and your boss are on Facebook so you can't put up drunk photos anymore.

  3. At your uni reunion everyone was like 'yeah I saw you had changed a lot on Facebook'

  4. You hate yourself when you hear young people say 'Facebook is lame - old people are on it!

  5. But you're so glad you didn't grow up with social media


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