There’s A Hack To Turn Off That Annoying Snapchat Screenshot Notification, But Does It Work?

Want to screenshot your Snaps in secret? Of course you do

There's A Hack To Turn Off That Annoying Snapchat Screenshot Notification, But Does It Work?

by Alyss Bowen |
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Screeshooting pictures on Snapchat is really bloody annoying. You’re sat there in bed hungover cringing at how you screenshotted your best mates fit brother’s snapchat story of him and his even hotter mate, crying into your pillow because as soon as you screen shotted it, he would have been sent a notification. HELP.

Well, behold, there’s a hack (of course there is) to stop being from recieving that notification according to the Coventry Telegraph. We decide to put it to the test to see if would actually work, but first things first this is how you do it.

1. Go onto your Snapchat inbox

The bit where people send you direct messages, so you can see that snapchat someone just directly sent you.

2. Put your phone in airplane mode

You have to do this without clicking off Snapchat though, so just swipe up from the bottom of the screen to pull up the menu then hit the airplane button.

3. Return to Snapchat

Airplane mode will be activated and your snapchat will be ready to watch

4. Watch your Snapchat

And screenshot AWAY.

5. Close the Snapchat app

This is the tricky bit, if you don’t close the app the person will get a notification that you’ve screenshotted it. So before you turn off airplane mode, make sure you double click on the home button (for iPhone users) and swipe the app up to close it. For all you guys with Anroid just open the multitasking window and close it.

So, we figured this would work. And we screenshotted away, but there’s a slight problem. The sender doesn’t get a notification, until about five minutes later. So even though for a blissful five minutes you can breathe easy that your fancy man hasn’t seen you screenshotted his selfie, he will find out. Either way you’re screwed, sorry guys.

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