Here’s Why Single Women in Mexico Are Getting Married To Trees

Trading your freedom for treedom


by Amel Mukhtar |
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It’s an appealing alternative to be honest. Who isn’t into the strong silent type? And tall and dark to boot? More of them around would be a breath of fresh air and they’re very literally everyone’s type on paper.

Well, a cluster of treehuggers are seeking to take their relationship to its next stage and settle down for something more committed... to fighting deforestation.

Yep, these marriages were not just the logical next step when faced with the bleakness of modern dating culture. The weddings were actually a way to draw attention to illegal logging, a big problem in the area of Oaxaca, Mexico where the ceremonies took place.

A third of Mexico’s land is forest and Oaxana is one of five states hit hardest by deforestation. Criminal groups are usually in control of these illegal activities.

This 'Marry a Tree' initiative began as a ritual giving thanks to Mother Earth by an organisation called Bedani but has blossomed into this full symbolic wedding based on Inca customs.

Peruvian activist Richard Torres fathered this movement and leads these brides to the altar to exchange vows (well – maybe vow singular, we’re guessing they might’ve been slightly one-sided) with their new leafy spouses. According to Ruptly, bride Andrea Tanant said her reason for the marriage was that: "I thought it was very interesting the fact, the commitment we have not only with this tree, but with all nature, and how much we have already damaged this, so I decided to come to see the ritual and commit myself in the same way."

But before you decide the grass would definitely be greener with a tree as a life partner, unfortunately, these marriages are not legally binding as trees cannot consent.

So no, not a viable way to put an end to relatives asking why you aren't married yet - although it would shut them up for a sec.

This article originally appeared on The Debrief.

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