Single? Here’s Why You Should Move To Manchester (Or Just Get Out Of London)

If you're looking for love then it could all be down to location, location, location...


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According to a new survey by Channel 4's fly-on-the-wall documentary First Dates, the city with the most single people is Manchester. Oh and London doesn't even make the top ten.

Around 35 per cent of the UK population are single, but if you're looking for love then you'll also need to know the top places in Britain where singletons actually outnumber those who are smugly coupled up?

We would have thought London was a safe bet – considering there are roughly 300 million people living in any given square mile of the capital (that's only a slight exaggeration, and if you were on the Tube this morning it'll make sense), but according to the study actually the best places to live when you're single are, in descending order: Manchester (54.9 per cent singletons), Oxford (53.8 per cent), Cambridge (52.6) and Nottingham (51.3).

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Looking more closely at the data, is it a coincidence that the three of the top four are basically entirely student cities? We're fairly sure that Oxford, Cambridge and Nottingham's single rate has something to do with the sheer amount of students-per-local in the area. So if you move there, you could be sorely disappointed, unless 20 year olds with Scarface posters on their walls and Bob Marley ashtrays are your thing, in which case, go ahead and relocate.

London comes in at number 15, with around 40 per cent of the residents classed as single – so it's highly likely that, if you've moved to the capital, you'll have spent a lot of time staring at happy couples in the windows of restaurants and bars and wondering where the eff they all met.

Let's all move to Manchester then, shall we?

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