Simone Biles Accuses Sports Doctor Of Sexual Abuse In Emotional #MeToo Twitter Post

‘I know this horrific experience does not define me, I am much more than this.’

Simone Biles Accuses Sports Doctor Of Sexual Abuse In Emotional #MeToo Twitter Post

by Phoebe Parke |
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US Olympic gymnast Simone Biles has said she was sexually abused by Larry Nassar, a former Team USA sports doctor.

In a statement on Twitter Biles used the hashtag #MeToo to talk about how Nassar abused his position and took advantage of her.

‘I too am one of the many survivors that was sexually abused by Larry Nassar,’ she wrote.

‘Please believe we when I say it was a lot harder to first speak those words out loud than it is now to put them on paper. There are many reasons that I have been reluctant to share my story, but I know now it is not my fault.’

Biles is not the only one who has come out and detailed her experiences when working with Nassar, fellow gymnast Gabby Douglas is among the women who have come forward with statements about sexual abuse.

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‘I didn't publicly share my experiences as well as many other things because for years we were conditioned to stay silent and some things were extremely painful,’ Douglas wrote in a post on Instagram.

Nassar has been sentenced to 60 years in prison – 20 years for each count of child sex abuse images found on his computer, according to the BBC.

He has also admitted to seven charges of sexual assault, and is accused of abusing over 130 women.

‘I want them to heal’ Nassar said in a statement to the court at his hearing.

‘I want this community to heal. I have no animosity toward any one. I just want healing. It's time.’

This will likely not be good enough for the victims, some of whom have accused USA Gymnastics of enabling Nassar.

One victim, Alexandra Raisman, tweeted: ‘WE WERE MOLESTED BY A MONSTER U ENABLED 2 THRIVE FOR DECADES. You are 100% responsible. It was mandatory to get 'treatment' by Nassar.’

The judge in the case, Ingham County Court Judge Rosemarie Aquilina, made her stance clear at Nassar's hearing: 'You used that position of trust that you had in the most vile way - to abuse children,' she said.

'You violated the oath that you took, which is to do no harm, and you harmed them. Selfishly.'

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