Silk Road Reloaded Has Arrived And You Can Use Dogecoins On It

New online black market launches on the same day the trial starts for suspected boss of original Silk Road


by Jess Commons |

Feel like you’ve been missing a place to purchase your illegal wares ever since Silk Road got closed down? Worry no longer, meet Silk Road Reloaded, the more more secret than ever follow up that launched today.

In case digital black markets aren't part of your day to day repertoire, Silk Road was part of the deep web (that bit of the internet that’s not accessible through search engines and is almost certainly WAY bigger than the surface web) and was used mainly to sell drugs online, paid for via Bitcoin. In 2013, the FBI shut the site down and arrested suspected head honcho Ross William Ulbircht, who’s trial started today.

Silk Road Reloaded, which coincidentally(?) also launched today is so far assumed to be much more secret than the original and operates with I2P software (although some Redditors are disputing this fact due to I2P not yet being widely used) which users will need to download before they can access the site which is make up of webpages called ‘eepsites’ with URLs that end .i2p.

As well as accepting Bitcoin, Silk Road Reloaded is also set to accept Anoncoin, Darkcoin, Litercoin and erm Dogecoin because this is the internet and somehow everything links back to pictures of cute animals at some point.

So, will Silk Road Reloaded prove to be just as successful as it’s predecessor? Who knows. Will we ever be able to figure out how to get on it? Almost definitely not.

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