This Is The Most Important Thing You Can Do Today In 2 Minutes

Today is the deadline to register to vote and heave your say in the EU referendum. We managed to do it in less than two minutes which means you can too.

Sign Up To Vote In Less Than 2 Minutes

by Vicky Spratt |
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What can you do in two minutes? Eat a snack, go for a wee or maybe send a text message? There's not actually much of any consequence that you can do in two minutes, it takes time to do anything worthwhile. Well, actually there's one thing you can do in less than two minutes, right now, that is really important and, potentially, of huge consequence: you can register to vote.

'General elections take place every five years. If you don't like the government you can vote them out twice a decade. This vote - the European Referendum - is not the same. This is potentially a once in a generation, a once in a lifetime vote - so it really matters that you turn up to be counted and have your say.

The deadline to register to vote in person is TODAY. The deadline for a postal vote (if you're going to be at Glastonbury for instance) is tomorrow. The truth is nobody knows what would happen if Britain leaves Europe but it could potentially affect everything from living abroad, data roaming charges and cheap flights to the availability of Erasmus schemes, cost of living and trade. If we don't have a seat at the table in Europe we can't expect to have a say in how things are done.

You can follow our handy video guide on how to register below. Less than two minutes guys. Less than two minutes.

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