ShunCampusWomen Trolls Rape Survivors, Wards Guys Off Female Students In Case They Cry Rape

Weird new Twitter profile that nobody seems to have picked up on is trolling rape survivors and it's not OK


by Stevie Martin |
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While trawling through Twitter, as is our wont, we came across a pretty sinister (or just plain weird) account called ShunCampusWomen which seems to be based in the US (hence the ‘campus’ – just call us The Sherlockbrief). It devotes its time to hunting out people posting useful links for rape survivors, and making really unhelpful comments.

‘Should NON RAPIST men risk “dating” women from campus? What’s the point of risking the future on the emotional stability of a woman “consenting” to sex?’ reads the info on the profile, with the cover pic depicting student girls and the caption, ‘We won’t cry rape and ruin your lives. Promise!’

So what is this, and what is it trying to do? Well, apparently the creator of the profile believes that rape culture is being promoted so people can make money from it, rather than being the symptom of a highly troubled gender divide/society in general– and there’s a bizarre chimp meme:

And also wading into any conversation regarding female sexual history or assault, referring to feminists as having created rape culture themselves. Which is both confusing and mad.

As well as occasionally coming off like a drunk aunt from the 1950s... generalising massively, and calling all female students ‘sexually toxic’.

Aaaaand just plain trolling...

While the exact number of false rape accusations are unknown – some say 2 per cent, some say 25 per cent – and despite the fact that yes, being falsely accused of sexual assault must be terrifying in equal measure, this isn’t the way to go about supporting the men who suffer from this.

And this is no way to treat those who have suffered from a sexual attack, or anyone entering the feminist debate.

Would they prefer it if people weren’t that arsed about being sexually attacked? That women shut up and repress their emotions? That we let the undoubtedly small percentage (whatever it actually is) of those women falsely accusing people of rape undermine the genuine cases of violence?

Or maybe we should just block profiles like this and refuse to feed the troll. Consider ShunCampusWomen reported.

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