Sex Cult Uncovered In Israel Where Jewish Women Are Brainwashed To Sleep With Non-Jews

A grim sex cult where women are brainwashed into having sex with non-Jewish men to save the Jewish people has been uncovered in Israel


by Stevie Martin |

A sex cult aiming to brainwashing women has been broken up by Israeli police after they arrested eight men who believed they were helping ‘save the Jewish people and bring about redemption’ by making the women have sex with non-Jews.

Arik Mordechai, the superintendant leading the investigation, has revealed that the cult recruited 15 women, some of whom are reportedly minors. Their clients included Palestinians and foreign workers from Tel Aviv.

The cult is believed to have been operating for around six or seven years, according to an extremist Israeli group called Lehava, which opposes intermarriage and exposed it to police. The cult exploited the women’s gullibility: they plied their recruits with drugs and alcohol as part of the brainwashing, and told them repeatedly that they were saving the Jewish people by having sex with a range of non-Jewish men for money.

Those arrested include David Dvash, 60, who calls himself David the Best. He reportedly has 15 children and is married to two women, one of whom is also a suspect in the case. It is also claimed he has filed an insanity plea, along with another suspect.

It’s a grim week for Israel, as this isn’t the only sex cult in the papers. Last Monday, the Tel Aviv district court convicted a 64-year-old man of rape, incest and keeping a harem of 21 ‘wives’ who bore him 38 children. They were all given variations of his first name, Goel, which means ‘saviour’ in Hebrew. Some of his daughters were among the rape victims, according to Reuters.

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