Your Selfies Are Lying About Your Face. This Website Lets You See What You Really Look Like

Turns out that, thanks to perspective, you're actually probably a lot more attractive than your selfies make you look. This website helps you see just how devastatingly good looking you really are.

Are All Of Our Selfies Lying To Us?

by Pola Namysl |
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If you're pretty happy with your selfie game then you need to read this. Apparently our selfies are not really showing how we look life in real life. In fact, we're actually way prettier! Kind of…

So. We all know about perspective and how it can change the way certain things look, right? But you've probably never thought about how taking a selfie makes you look different because of how close the camera is. Taking pictures from close distance may result in your nose looking bigger, weak chins and sloping foreheads. But, on the other hand (as we find out from this video) close distance pictures are seen as peaceful and approachable, while further distance makes the picture attractive, smart and strong.

So, what's a girl to do?

Luckily, some researchers at Princeton are on hand to solve the problem. Their paper on ‘Perspective-aware Manipulation of Portrait Photos’ has resulted in a websitewhere you can upload a selfie (or just a regular portrait photo) and manipulate it to see how your face changes depending on a distance and a pose (you can turn your face a little to the sides and your jaw up or down). The website still makes it look as if the picture was taken up close though.

If you don’t believe us, we checked it for you.

I tried it on two different selfies. One taken in the office, without makeup about 5 minutes ago and the other one when I looked all cute and stuff.

1. Natural selfie


Original picture RePosed Picture

Distance 60cm 150cm

Pitch 0 +1.5

2. Posed with make up selfie

Original picture RePosed Picture

Distance 80cm 300cm

Pitch 0 -1

As you can see the pictures are pretty different depending on how the picture was taken. When I tried the 2500 mm for my first picture- it looked super unnatural and weird, you need to adjust it according to your face and the picture. So go, on, find out just how much perspective has been wrecking your selfies this whole time!

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