Selena Gomez New Songs Are All About Justin Bieber, Obviously

Also known as 'Doing a Taylor Swift', Selena Gomez gives us an insight as to what it's like to date Bieber in her leaked songs...


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Taylor Swift has started a real trend here, despite all the flack she gets for putting exes in her songs - two tracks from Selena Gomez's upcoming album have leaked and, guess what, they provide a real insight into what it's like to date Bieber. And, frankly, it doesn't sound very fun at all.

Do It and My Dilemma 2.0 leaked yesterday, joining the ranks of Beyonce and Eminem in what appears to be 'International Leak A Song On The Internet Month', and detail Selena's frustrations at not getting enough of the old rumpy-pumpy (sex) as well as being messed around by what fans are presuming is Bieber. I mean, who else is it going to be? Orlando Bloom?! They're just friends, remember, and also he's a cool guy. Probably. There's no solid proof for that.

Anyway, Selena has a track record of releasing songs that are tantalisingly close to her own life - When Your Ready Come And Get It became incredibly poignant when sung by the 21 year old considering her constant on-off relayshe with Mr Bieber.

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In new song Do It, the singer laments: 'If I had a choice, if I had my way/ Boy you know we'd do it every single day, if I had a wish and if I had my way / Boy you know we'd do it every single day' which is fair enough - but why aren't they? Busy schedules? The fact that they're quite often breaking up? And for anyone who is thinking 'Hang on, this could be about some other dude' then I present to you exhibit A: 'Damn I wish I didn't feel so hypnotized / When I look at you baby its justified'.

JUSTIfied. Like Justin. Justin Bieber. Oh come ON.

In Dilemma 2.0, things take a pretty emoshe turn, with Selena singing: 'You make me so upset sometimes / I feel like I could lose my mind, the conversation goes nowhere, cuz you're never going to take me there,' which is a sad reflection of the classic on then off relationships that seem to go around in circles. Without wishing to speculate (ha), there must be a reason that there are so many break ups amid the make ups, reflected in the other really sad bit where she says: 'I heard the rumours, but you won't come clean/ I guess I'm hoping it's because of me, and I know what I know, and I know you're no good for me and I know it's not meant to be.'

Some people are pointing out that this sounds a lot like cheating allegations but there's no solid proof for that. The one thing we do know, though, is that if you want an insight into a singer's relationship, it's fast becoming the norm for them to refuse to discuss it in interviews, only to sing candidly about it on their albums.

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