Science Says Removing A Woman’s Appendix Or Tonsils Will Make Them More Fertile

Didn’t see that coming…

Science Says Removing A Woman's Appendix Or Tonsils Will Make Them More Fertile

by Pola Namysl |
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When you think of things that make us more fertile, what’s your first thought?

You might suggest a healthy lifestyle, or avoiding stress, right? And it that didn't work, maybe even taking all those fertility drugs the doctor might prescribe you. But turns out there's something else you can try. After 15 years of research, scientists from the University of Dundee have found that removing our tonsils or appendix could make us more fertile.

The research was done on over half a million British women. About 180 thousand of them had appendix, tonsil or both removed. The rest were women from about same background and age, who hadn't had either surgeries. The studies show that for every 100 pregnancies in the women who hadn't had either surgery, there were 134 from women who'd had their apendix removed, 149 from women who'd had their tonsils removed and 143 in women who'd had both removed. The surgery group also fell pregnant more quickly.

Ok. So how is that even possible? For many years it was thought that removing your apendix could actually reduce women's fertility. Scientists are not certain about reason behind it yet, they do have some guesses - one being that be that removing infected organs has a positive impact on women's immune system, which affects the reproductive process.

But don’t get overexcited yet- doctors still need time to figure out exactly what's going on and how can this study benefit us for the future. Stay tuned...

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