The Sassy Girl Emoji Has Had A Make-Over And People Are Not Happy

Sassy McSassington is no more.

The Sassy Girl Emoji Has Had A Make-Over And People Are Not Happy

by Chemmie Squier |
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Remember the days when you could invoke the sassy girl emoji to portray any one of your complex emotions?

Because that girl – rest her soul – stood for a lot of things, too many to even mention thanks to her next level versatility.

Now the iPhone iOS 10 update has turned our emoji world upside down by changing how she looks. Gone are the days of the her being Sassy McSassington: now she looks, well, a little uninspired tbh; a tiny bit dead behind the eyes.

In fact, she seems confused as to what she's even doing there, why exactly she's even holding out her hand. As a side note, she actually started out life as an information desk person then the world happened and decided she was just full of no-shits-given sass.

And speaking of her hand; the actual move itself is lackluster. Like, the height of her hand has actually dropped in line with her sass levels. Why aren’t you holding that hand higher, please?

In summary, we are not happy with this change. The world is not happy with this change. Probably Obama isn't happy with this change.

At least put some effort in

Sad but true

Mum is that you?


The perils

As if this week wasn't bad enough


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