Samsung Are Channelling Adele And Releasing A Brand New Flip Phone

Purple Ronnie pencil cases at the ready kids, early noughties nostalgia tech is SRSLY back m8 lol

Samsung Are Channelling Adele And Releasing A Brand New Flip Phone

by Jess Commons |
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In among the Mean Girl references, the return of the Baby G and Craig David being back in the studio, it’s clear that, in a very real way, the early noughties are back in our lives with aplomb. What a time to be alive. Again.

Now the tech companies are hitching their socks up too and jumping aboard the nostalgia train bound for your youth. Following on from Adele’s much-talked-about choice to use a centuries-old flip phone in the video for that song you may or may not have heard that sounds a lot like Lionel Richie’s song of the same name, Samsung has announced that it’s jumping on the bandwagon and producing its own, brand spanking new flip phone.

The new phone, called the SM-W2016 (catchy) is bascially everything we never knew we wanted in a phone. Not only is it a fully fledged smartphone, it also looks just like you purchased it from Carphone Warehouse in 2003 where it was hanging out with its almost identical brother the Motorola Razr (I can’t even handle how rubbish that phone was, btw. Hands up if you still have nightmares about it). It has two screens (one on the outside, one on the inside) and a keyboard that has actual physical keys and, rather than being QWERTY, is T9. Hello predictive text my old friend. Or, if you didn’t ever get your head round predictive texting (hi Mum) ‘HI RMBR UNCL J’S BDAY 2NITE LOL’.

The best thing about a flip phone though, as everyone knows, is that you can snap it shut after a especially grump-fuelled conversation with someone difficult on the other end of the line. Jolly good, Samsung. We approve wholeheartedly.

Believe it or not, that’s not the only Samsung news this week. During the tragic attacks in Paris, a man called Sylvester is reported to have been saved when shrapnel from a exploded bomb at the Stade de France stadium hit his Samsung Galaxy S6 phone which prevented it from hitting his head.

Which is at least one positive point in what has otherwise been an unbelievably horrendous week of news.

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