Here’s Who \*We\* Think Are The Most Influential Tweeters Right Now

Let us introduce you to the coolest crew on Twitter who we follow to the point of mild obsession....


by Emma Gannon |

So, today Peer Index released a list of the most influential tweeters in London. But amidst the greats (oh hi Caitlin Moran), there were some pretty weird inclusions. Are MIC’s Jamie Lang and Lucy Watson really that influential? Do we really hang on to David Cameron's every tweet? Does Rita Ora even send her own tweets? And of all the squillions (ok billions) of smart, funny, interesting and connected people tweeting in London, there are a disprortionate number of premiere league footballers (six in the top 20).

The answer to that rhetorical question is that the Peer Index survey is measured by user’s LPi score (whatever that means). But we’ve decided to create a list of our own, measured by… the people on Twitter we really bloody love following and favouriting and sharing that with you instead (and to be fair, we haven't just stuck to London, or even the UK). These aren’t necessarily the people with the biggest followings around, or the hugest reach, nor will you necessarily agree with everything they say. But they do offer something new, exciting and unique perspective with every time - and isn’t that what Twitter’s all about? Amiright?

So, in no particular order:

Sophia Rossi @Sofifii (147K followers)

One third of Hello Giggles, as such Zooey Deschanel is her BFF. This should make us hate her, but actually it makes us love her.

Scott Bryan @Scottygb (5.5K followers)

Trawling the weirdest corners of the internet so you don’t have to.

Another Angry Woman @Stavvers (12.9K followers)

Feminist blogger who isn't afraid to rant. Laurie Penny’s a fan - we agree.

Erin Mallory Long @erinmallorylong (7564 Followers)

Very, very funny female comedian. Has written a book about texting, chatting and emailing.

Jenny Johnson @JennyJohnsonHi5 (442K followers)

She will probably have another fight with Chris Brown on Twitter if you ask nicely.

Kelly Oxford @kellyoxford (581K followers)

She’s so good at Twitter, a book of her best tweets has been published. Yes, she’s THAT good.

Musa Tariq @musatariq (14.2K)

First the social guy at Burberry, then Nike, now Apple. The coolest tech guy around.

Scarlett Curtis @scarlycurtis (9.7k)

Our favourite 19-year-old around, daughter of Emma Freud and Richard Curtis - recently got a uni placement at NYU. Smart lady.

Danielle @knottyyyarn (6.5K)

This amazing lady created Feminist Ryan Gosling - 'nuff said.

Lena Dunham @lenadunham (1.65M)


Anna Holmes @AnnaHolmes (25K)

Candid views of the ex-editor of Jezebel.

Janice Turner @victoriapeckham (26.6K)

Straight up tweets from the Times journalist - and potentially the best Twitter handle ever?

**Erin Cunningham **@erinecunningham (2.1K)

Intelligent interesting tweets about the fashion scene in New York.

Chelsea Fagan @Chelsea_Fagan (14.1K)

One of our favourite writers from Thought Catalog basically tells us what to think about LIFE.

David Levin @davidlevin123 (3.5K)

Branded as the 'Twitter King', Dave is THE voice of famous The Dolphin Pub on Twitter, whipping out the best 90's rap jokes on the web.

**Ryan O'Connell **@RyanOconn (19.8K)

Our wannabe BFF. We want to go parties in LA and gossip about Lindsay Lohan with him.

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