Here’s A Very Scientific Way Of Showing What Makes Up Happy

A survey shows that rich people aren't actually that much happier than poor people - with circumstances making up for 10 per cent of our happiness...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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With the weather outside looking bright and glorious, the end of finals within sight (unless you've finished, in which case, you probably can't see anything by now), an entire series of Orange Is The New Black on Netflix right now, an entire weekend to revel and languish in, and the simple existence of booze and snacks and mates, it’s really hard to pinpoint exactly what makes people happy.

But this handy infographic, put together by Sonja Lyubomirsky, of the University of California, Riverside, shows us the things which make us happy. By looking at twins, she’s managed to determine that 50 per cent of our happiness is in our genes, reports the New Yorker. But maybe it’s just that twins are that much happier because they have a load of fun just being twins?

Anyway, we won’t question the survey too much, because although it seems like a lot of our happiness is pre-determined, only 10 per cent is down to our circumstances, with Americans earning more than $10m (£5.95m) being not that much happier than blue-collar workers. Which means that, luckily, 40 per cent of our happiness is down to us!

Yep, it’s all our own making, which is pretty much the most hippy-ish thing we’ve ever heard to have come from an actual scientific study. Then again, this news does come from America, so let’s take it with a pinch of sardonic, cynical British salt. After all, it's meant to rain tomorrow.

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