There’s A Hairy Armpit Selfie Trend Sweeping China

Taking feminism old school on social media


by Fiona Byrne |
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Hair armpits are something of a feminism cliché, but one thing is certain, they get the equality conversation going. With that in mind, hundreds of female social media users in China are taking part in a hairy armpit selfie ‘contest’ via Weibo, which is basically the Twitter of China.

Some women are all like, why should we have to shave our armpits and legs and have painful monthly bikini waxes? Men don’t have to do that. So, they started this movementwhich basically involves taking a selfie that includes a close-up armpit shot and sharing it.


Nothing gets people's backs up like a hairy pit shot. Remember that one time Julia Roberts dared to go out in public with hairy pits? She was practically excommunicated from Hollywood.

We tried to get a little more background on the actual contest, but details are sketchy i.e. we can't read Chinese. As far as we can tell, there’s no actual prize for the hairiest pit and it’s just one of those social media moments to show support for females. It's kind of like the no make-up selfies that were all over our feeds a few months ago.


There’s a few dudes on there too, giving us a load of their hairiness, because as we all know you don’t have to be female to be a feminist.

Pictures: Weibo

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