It’s A Good Day For Women Of The Church

It's about bloody time.


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In news regarding women and religion, the Church of England is all set to finalise plans to start ordaining female bishops next year.

While there are still some traditionalists in the synod (the lawmakers within the Church, with possibly the best name ever) who believe that placing females in a position of power within the church goes against their values – since they have no concept of the term ‘moving ahead’ or ‘things changing for the better’, the Church has voted for women to start getting ordained as bishops, for the first time in history, in July 2015.

While women have been able to be priests since 1994, they’ve never been able to take the senior roles. The BBC’s religious correspondent Caroline Wyatt sees it as ‘a mainly symbolic stage in this long process’, but added, ‘It’s clearly an immensely historic and really significant one.’

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In 2012 there was another move to vote for women bishops, but it got outvoted much to the annoyance of those wishing to expand the Church and move it into the 21st century. It has since been making its way through Parliament, but needed the approval of the synod, which it has just received.

Regardless of your opinions on religion and Christianity in general, this is a big step in the right direction. And about bloody time.

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