There’s Going To Be A Live Action Mulan. Get Excited.

First Beauty and The Beast, now Mulan with real people. It's coming, guys, and it's going to be amazing.

Mulan disney film coming out

by Stevie Martin |

First we had the Beauty And The Beast announcement (Emma Watson! That Dude From Downton Abbey!) and now it’s time for Disney’s most kick-ass princess to get a live-action reboot. While we love Belle, there’s something way cooler about blagging your way to fight with the boys and sticking two (unmanicured) fingers up to the patriarchy. And Eddie Murphy as a talking dragon.

First released in 1998, it follows the story of a young woman who disguises herself as a boy so she can take her father’s place and go to war. Earning a cool £205 million worldwide, plus Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations, it’s not surprising that film bosses have decided to bring it to the silver screen again, but with real people.

For a moment we were stumped as to how they’d possibly recrete Mushi, her dragon sidekick, but then we remembered that CGI exists.

For anyone who needs reminding why *Mulan *definitely needs to be brought to a whole new generation – here are the best quotes that made us do fist punches and/or laugh. Guys, it’s a great movie.


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