It’s Depressing The #whatwomensayduringsex Hashtag Perpetuates The Myth Women Hate Sex

No women don't only have sex reluctantly. Or to get something in return.


by Rebecca Holman |
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If you took a glance at Twitter over the weekend, you may have noticed that, amid all the other news there was also a new and seemingly very random hashtag trending - #whatgirlssayduringsex.

It’s basically a collection of Tweets HILARIOUSLY (not hilariously) listing stupid/insulting/filthy things women might say mid-shag. Most of which aren’t funny, clever or even accurate. There’s been a bit of speculation that the tag was trending in response to the #yesallwomen tag– because nothing puts us back in our places like a spot of sexual bullying and ritual humiliation. But actually the tag is a couple of years old and like we said, there are plenty of women using it too, so not sure we buy that particular internet conspiracy theory. Nor know why it suddenly resurfaced for 48 hours this weekend.


But it did. And there were plenty of gross Tweets on there, but for the most part, they just perpetuated the myth that women only have sex reluctantly, find it boring and spend most of the time thinking about something else (you know, that ’50s housewife who’s distracted from her marital duties by all the washing up in the sink). Or, worse, we see sex is a bargaining chip, to be swapped for money or power or possessions.


Ok, we get it guys, clearly there’s nothing more alluring than receiving a reluctant handjob from a mardy-faced woman who periodically stops to check her watch and make sure she hasn't missed the start of Eastenders, but can we please ditch the myth that women aren’t interested in sex unless it’s to please a bloke, keep him quiet, or to get something in return?

There’s a (far less-populated) counter tag #whatmensayduringsex doing the rounds, that’s equally as unhilarious and uninspiring. But at no point, does anyone intimate that men don’t enjoy sex, or only do it reluctantly for a quiet life. (And actually, the idea that all men are constantly sex mad, and all women reluctantly give in to them when they really have to doesn't do either gender any favours).


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