There’s Another Video Of A Girl Being Forced To Simulate Sex On Stage In Magaluf

Thought that the council’s decision to the organisers of the night where the Magaluf sex act went viral was the end of it? This video says otherwise…


by Sophie Cullinane |
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Last month, Magaluf became the epicentre of a media storm after a video of a girl giving 24 guys a blowjob in front of a screaming crowd went viral. The 18 year-old Northern Irish girl was lambasted and slut shamed all over the internet while the men in the video got off pretty much scot-free.

The only thing that made the whole incident a little less grim was the promise made by the local mayor to crack down on bars that encouraged this kind of behaviour. Starting with the bar in question, Playhouse, and the organisers of the club night, Carnage, both of whom were ordered to pay a fine of more than than 55,000 Euros (£43,500).

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The only problem? Another video's emerged this weekend which proves what everyone already knew – the toxic sexual and drinking culture of Magaluf isn't limited to one specific bar/promoter – it's everywhere. This one (and no, we're not going to link to it) shows a half-naked young woman being dragged on stage in front of a heaving crowd to take part on a degrading sex show. A topless man is seen covered in paint, who grabs the girl grind his groin up against her simulating a sex act. After she removes her bra, he takes hold of her head and pulls it towards his crotch as the crowd shouts ‘Off! Off! Off!’

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The video comes only four days after the Baleric Island Tourist Council drew up a code of behaviour promising to shut down clubs and bars with live sex shows and the Mayor promising to push for new mandatory licenses that will make clubs ‘prove their responsibility’. This is all great in theory, but doesn't seem to be making much difference in the short term...

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