There’s A New AirBnB Just For Sex – And It’s Getting Its’ Own Reality TV Show

And it's not really got all that much to do with travelling.


by Jess Commons |
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Is this a terrible idea? Almost probably. Website Love Room aims to cut out that age-old problem of what happens when you book a room in someone's house to stay in, show up to the flat of your dreams in the perfect location and, shock horror, the owner's just like, not attractive. I mean, what is the point of travelling if you aren’t going to hook up with hot guys, amiright ladies?

Dating site the Love Room is described by founder Josh Bocanegra as, ‘a platform where people can rent their living space to other people under one condition – they need to be attractive.’ You can sign up to the service as either ‘seeking a room’ or ‘sharing a room’. It first creeped (creeped being the operative word) onto our newsfeeds at the end of last year, and now the website has hooked up with a major television production company and is currently casting for a nationwide dating show based on the website's format. Just in case you fancied it.


Aside from the fact that hooking up with your roomate is a super, terrible, awful idea in general, Love Room doesn't seem very concerned with the actual living spaces or where they are – which, call us old fashioned, but is kind of a big deal if you're going on holiday or looking for a new room to rent - regardless of all the hot sex you're going to be having. The mainstream search widget doesn’t let you provide which city you want to visit and there’s next to no photos of the accomodation on offer. Although we wouldn't mind a summer hook-up, a girl's got to know where she's going to stay so forgive us if we're not already surfing the EasyJet website for plane tickets to erm, anywhere.

On the off chance that this all sounds like a top-notch idea to you, though – check the website out here.

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