There’s Actually A Serious Reason Behind This Japanese Condom Cookbook

Yes, this is now "a thing."


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In today's WTF news, Japanese manga writer Kyosuke Kagami has come up with a genuine, serious cookbook whereby the main utensil required to make the dishes is a condom. It was only a matter of time. The book contains 11 recipes including the classic 'Condom Escargot Cooked With Butter,' 'Condom Cookies' and everyone's favourite use for a johnny: 'Condom Meat Stuffing' (oi oi).

But before you dismiss as (entirely) crazy/start pondering too hard what those Condom Stuffed Spring Rolls (yes, they're a thing too) would taste like, there is actually a serious reason behind this new culinary fare.

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According to website NariNari (Google translate it to really perk yourself up), Japanese men are the 'third worst condom users in the world' – as in, they don't. Not, like, they're really bad at putting them on or anything. So Kagami hopes this cookbook will help to spread the prophylactic word via a most unusual method.

Sure, it's one of the more creative ways to promote safe sex, but also probably one of the most indirect. Perhaps the aim is that condoms become as prevalent as a saucepan, wok or bowl, so when it gets to sexytime, there's always one on hand and you don't have to run to the corner shop with a boner? Or maybe it's just a gimmick to sell loads of copies? Either way, enjoy these images of condomy food, which bring a new meaning to the word 'food porn.' Or rather, they would if porn videos involved condoms. Look, I thought it was clever OK?


Condom meals

Condom meals1 of 4

Condom meals

Condoms. Perfect dipped in soy sauce.

Condoms. Perfect dipped in soy sauce.2 of 4

Condoms. Perfect dipped in soy sauce.

They also go really well with salad and wine and stuffed with meat.

Condom Meals3 of 4

Condom Meals

Look at how easy it all is! It doesn't make us feel uncomfortable at all!

Condom Melas4 of 4

Condom Melas

Just in case you weren't 100 per cent sure what one looks like.

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