It’s 100 Days Until The Election, So Labour And The Conservatives Have Announced Some New Policies

But the major parties have made some promises so we can all decide a little easier who’ll be in charge come 7 May...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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This year, nobody can really tell WTF is going to happen in the election. When it comes to the balance of power, we’ve been told the Scottish National Party could hold it. Or those in the north and north-west of England. Or young people. Or women.

Whoever it is, to help you and all the other hundreds of thousands of people who don’t know how to vote to get their voice heard – decide on who to vote for, the Conservatives and Labour have announced some intended policies.

David Cameron said his party will introduce a benefit cap so that households can only receive £23,000 tops per year (it’s £26,000 at present, down after a previous cap introduced by the coalition), using that extra money to make three million extra apprenticeships. ‘The criticism of our benefit cap, which was set at £26,000, in many parts of the country was that it was too high,’ he’s said. ‘So we think that reducing it to £23,000 will help to get more families back into work and we'll use the savings from that money to make sure we train three million apprentices in the next Parliament.’

As for Labour? They want to change the NHS, with Ed Miliband pledging that they’ll spend £10.5 billion on the service each year instead of just the £8 billion that’s been ringfenced for the job. He’ll incentivise social workers to spend longer on home visits and will get 5,000 extra home care workers employed.

The BBC reports that, in a speech he’ll make today, he’s expected to say the NHS faces ‘its most perilous moment’ in this election.

Nigel Farage, just FYI, has pledged that UKIP will commit an extra half billion than Labour, a whopping £11bn. As for the Lib Dems? They say they’ll cut less than the Conservatives and borrow less than Labour.

Obviously, all of these are promises... and we know what politicians do with those. That said, maybe some of them do actually mean what they say.

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