Rumblr, The Tinder For Fighting Is Here

Love Fight Club? Great! Now live the lifestyle of beating the shit out of anonymous strangers with the help of this app

Rumblr, The Tinder For Fighting Is Here

by Jess Commons |
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So it's actually rather impressive that we've come this far without the advent of something similar to new app Rumblr. See, Rumblr plays on the Tinder model in order for it's user to connect but, when they meet, rather than loving, they're in it for fighting.

Users of the app who are looking for a fight can download it from tonight, then swipe through a list of similarly agressively minded people also looking for a fight (is there enough out there?) and then match with people that you (don't) like the look of.

If that person matches with you too then you guys can start chatting about how much you hate each other and arrange a time and date for you to beat the living crap out of each other.

As you can see from the app's creators' mock up of a potential Rumblr conversation below, they're imagining the whole thing to be conducted on rather vanilla terms. Because most jacked up teenage boys who think they're hard take the time to star out the vowels in swear words.

This is not going to end well.


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