Research Reveals What You Should Be Earning At Every Age

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by Elizabeth Bennett |

While it is generally expected that as you get older and progress in your career you are likely to earn more money, it is not always that simple. With traditional career trajectories becoming less common and the subject of what we earn still kept hush hush, working out what you should be earning is a total minefield.

However, research from Instant Offices has shed some light on the situation. The brokering service for office spaces has conducted research to find out what you should be earning at every age in relation to national averages.

They found that across the UK, the average full-time salary per year was £27,000. Whereas employees in London earned an average of £35,000 per year, taking home a paycheque of £2,925 each month.

When it comes to age, these are the average wage brackets they identified…

Late teens: £1,270–£1,361 per month

Twenties: £1,829–£1,924 per month

Thirties: £2,333–£2,535 per month

Forties: £2,258–£2,830 per month

Rather depressingly, the stats show that women’s wages peak in their thirties, an indicator of the gender pay gay. On average, women’s wages peak in their thirties at £2,331, and from then onwards they start to average out lower than their male colleagues.

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