Reddit Users Describe What Their ‘Personal Heaven’ Would Look Like And It’s Too Much

Amongst the poignant responses you'll find a lot of beer, beds and kittens.

Reddit Users Describe What Their 'Personal Heaven' Would Look Like And It's Too Much

by Chemmie Squier |

When I think of 'heaven' there's a lot of clouds. I'm stood on them; they're soft, spongey, kind of like memory foam but a bit more forgiving. The sky is blue, really blue, and the sun's shining. But that's as far as I've got and, I know, I'm one hell of a cliche.

reddit users were asked exactly what their personal heavens would look like: 'You just died. God escorts you to a door, telling you that this is your own personal heaven. What's behind your door?' And so people waded in to describe their very own eutopia. They're all different, and some are downright heartbreaking, but some of the main themes include: alcohol, sex, video games, kittens and beds. No surprises there then. Here's a few that we've picked out, but have a look at the thread for thousands more. Literally.

1. Absolutely bang on


Just a comfortable bed with that feeling of, 'I just woke up, its time to go to work, oh wait, its Saturday and its 4am so just pull up the covers, snuggle in tight and take the eternal sleep'. This on repeat, forever.

2. There's always one


Blackjack and hookers.

3. Cry



4. Fair play


Everything's the same, but I'm Superman

5. Heartbreaking


My dad. Everything else pales in comparison.

6. OK, there's always more than one


A beer volcano and a stripper factory.

7. Cannot deal


A life with my best friend who i think I'm in love with.

8. :(


My son, healthy and whole.

9. Simple. I like it.



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