This Is The Day You’re Most Likely To Break Up With Someone

You may want to wait a few days before splurging on your £2.50 Clinton’s card...


by Danielle Fowler |
Published on

Valentine’s Day it’s just a week away.

Yet we come bearing bad news, as today marks Red Tuesday. What does that entail you may ask? Well, today is the date you’re most likely to break up with your loved one.

According to leading dating website Illicit Encounters, 30 percent of 1,500 members, admitted to breaking up with their other half just one week before Valentine’s Day.

You may be sat there thinking, 'isn't it a little harsh to break the news on the most romantic day in the calendar?'

Well, for some it's the perfect opportunity. According to the survey, 80 percent realised that they no longer love their partner in the run-up to Valentine's Day and would feel too guilty splurging on roses, candlelit dinners and other stereotypically romantic offerings when they no longer possess the same feelings.

Valentine’s Day is also of course considered a safe option when it comes to wedding proposals. And 57 percent of survey participants admit that they feared the possibility of commitment, which again inspired their decision to break up ahead of time.

So you may want to hold off compiling an Instagram collage in tribute of you and your boyfriend's sweetest moments just for today...

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