Reclaim Your Belly: The Body Positive Movement Taking Instagram By Storm


by Anna Brech |

"On a woman, a pot belly is very sexy... if I had one, I'd wear a T-shirt two sizes too small to accentuate it"

So said Fabienne to her boyfriend (played by Bruce Willis), in one of the most memorable scenes from Pulp Fiction.

It's a sentiment Instagrammers are fully on-board with, as a community of body positive activists across the platform work to reclaim the appeal of a rounded belly.

"Sending heaps of love and full belly happiness to you" Image:@bodyposipanda/Instagram ©Instagram/BodyPosiPanda

Posting under hashtags such as #embracethesquish and #loveyourbellymovement, these women - many of whom have struggled with self-esteem or even eating disorders in the past - are joyously flaunting their belly curves.

One of those involved in the movement is self-styled 'body positive feminist warrior' and recovering anorexic Megan Jayne Crabbe, aka @BodyPosiPanda (above).

"I'm a big fan of belly roll love, exposing diet industry lies, and wearing pastels," she says.

Growing up, she says, she learned that "beautiful women were always light and graceful, the men strong and solid".

But now she's seen the light and encourages women - and men - of all shapes and sizes to embrace the imperfect contours of their bodies.

"What I have been given is a vessel, what I do with it matters" Image: @powertoprevail ©powertoprevail/Instagram

Another Instagram personality at the centre of the belly love movement is model, speaker and mum Ana of @powertoprevail (above).

"I have a body, I am not my body," she says. "What I have been given is a vessel, what I do with it matters.

"The naysayers aren't on this boat with me, they're not a part of my memories, and they certainly can't actually stop any of it from happening.

"Stay focused on what actually matters because there's a whole lot of distractions constantly bombarding you to believe otherwise but where does that shame lead you?

"Where can love lead you instead?"

"Bellies are cute and worth showing off" Image: @selfloveclub/Instagram ©selfloveclub/Instagram

California-based body positive activist @selfloveclub (above) lives by the tagline "stop dieting, start living" - so naturally she's a big fan of bellies, in all their glory.

"I'm just so damn excited about the way the world is heading - to a place of acceptance and a society where people push back and speak up about things that bug them!" she says.

"Every day I am so proud to be part of such a strong and empowering community... Cheers to embracing what we've been told not to wear because it doesn't 'flatter our body type.'"

"Embrace the squish" Image: @alissbonyt ©Aliss Bonython/Instagram

Aspiring plus-size model Aliss Bonython @alissbonyt (above) is a fully signed up member of the Insta belly brigade too.

"I love and appreciate you body," she says. "Now. Forever. Always. Despite the hate and health trolls, no matter how many people disagree with my thoughts."

Addressing how some curvier women feel insecure when it comes to skimpy summer clothing, she adds: "... You are such a wonderful and unique person, and deserve the happiness that comes with summer. Wear what makes YOU feel good and what YOU like."

"Positive beats perfect" Image: [@my_life_without_ana]( ©My Life Without Ana/Instagram

Self-love enthusiast and feminist Connie @my_life_without_ana (above) is a firm advocate of body confidence, and the idea that #positivebeatsperfect.

She's also open about the fact that embracing one's body can be an emotionally difficult process.

"Sometimes you have to accept the fact you feel hella vulnerable and say fuck you," she says. "Fuck you to your head that's telling you your not good enough.

"Fuck socially telling you that one picture is beautiful and one isn't. This picture is me. It's my body. It's my vessel. Therefore it's BEAUTIFUL!!! Nothing more to add."

We couldn't have put it better ourselves.

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