Reason No. 4569 To Love Miley Cyrus: Her Honest, Fun, Poignant Art Basel Performance

She was probs a bit drunk, sang covers because she reckoned the audience wouldn't like her pop style, and a big penis ran across the stage


by Stevie Martin |
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Miley Cyrus has gone from 'WTF is she doing please stop' to DGAF pop royalty in the space of just one year - the culmination of all this seems to be during her brilliant, and weird, performance at the Art Basel Miami Beach show.

Telling the audience she reckoned they were serious about art, so wouldn't enjoy her pop music, she launched into a range of covers - from Led Zeppelin to Johnny Cash - and chatted on stage about the year she's had, what with the MTV misstep gyrating with Robin Thicke (alright, that was 2013 and just over a year ago but still) to the death of her dog. 'You thought (Art Basel) was a respected place where you could escape me,' she told the crowd. 'This year has constantly challenged me, and that's why I started doing art.' She then launched into a song about her friend's cat speaking to her in a dream, which she played on the piano, before stopping abruptly because she felt 'sick of talking about death' and wanted to do something fun. The whole show felt off the cuff, as if she was calling the shots, chopping and changing the order to suit what she fancied.

Why? Because she was most probably drunk and a bit high: 'Usually I don't smoke weed and drink, well that's a lie ... usually I don't smoke weed and drink on show days, but I felt like it was fine in Miami,' she said. While smoking a massive joint, after being spotted outside the venue smoking a massive joint. Go her.

Also, props to her for, erm, using some great props; she wore a big rainbow with a cutout for her head, two other performers wore mushroom costumes, there was a point where two costumed sharks and a penis ran across the stage and loads of bubbles floated through the air. Despite this, pretty much every critic has praised her voice - the girl can sing, and no amount of penises (penii) can detract from that. Which is pretty much why we love her.

Even if she did emerge from the gig topless wearing silver tights, a silver wig and silver pasties. Actually, hang on, that's also why we love her - she totally DGAF and you've got to respect that in the PR controlled, image conscious celeb land.

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