Raffaele Sollecito Says He Didn’t Understand Amanda Knox’s Behaviour After Meredith Kercher’s Murder

Claims she took shower instead of calling police after discovery of blood...


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Following the re-conviction of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito for the murder of student Meredith Kercher, Raffaele has gone on record to distance himself from Amanda. He also encouraged a little suspicion of his ex-girlfriend, explaining that the morning Meredith's body was discovered by police, Amanda demonstrated some odd behaviour.

He says she left his house to return to the flat she shared with the British student, both in Perugia, Italy, but when she came back to his she appeared ‘very agitated’ and told Raffaele that the flat had been broken into and that there were spots of blood in the bathroom. Instead of calling the police, Raffaele says, his girlfriend of only 10 days (something we never realised. They were only together for 10 days!?) had a shower.

‘Certainly, I asked her questions. Why did you take a shower?’ Raffaele told an Italian TV show. ‘Why did she spend so much time there?’

According to NBC News's Today Show, when the reporter asked what answers Raffaele gave himself, he responded, ‘I don't have answers.’

This isn't the first time he's shown a lack of support for Amanda. A few weeks ago, he implied that the only reason he has ever been involved in the case is because of his link to Amanda, ‘You all know that the focus was only through Amanda to her behaviour, to her peculiar behaviour, but whatever it is, I’m not guilty for it.’

Raffaele had previously been supportive of Amanda, but now it seems he is in a vulnerable position. Since the re-conviction, the 29-year-old, sentenced to 25 years for Meredith's murder, has had his passport confiscated. Whereas Amanda, sentenced to 28 and a half years, refused to attend the trial in Italy and is still at home in Seattle, Washington.

Amanda's support for Raffaele has been consistent. Two weeks ago, 26-year-old Amanda posted a photo of herself to her website, holding up a cardboard sign bearing the words 'We are innocent' in Italian.

At present, Rudy Guede is the only person to have been convicted for Meredith's murder.

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