Fail-Safe Happiness Rituals For An Instant Mood Lift


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Happiness is a state of mind but it's also influenced by the daily routines we choose to adopt.

That's according to California-based sociologist Dr Randall Bell, who shares his formula for contentment in the book Me We Do Be: The Four Cornerstones of Success.

"When it comes to happiness, your habits matter," Bell tells Femail, noting how studies show that rituals influence happiness levels by up to 40%. "So why not do what happy people do? It certainly can't hurt."

Here are a few quick daily habits the self-help author advises taking up - for an instant hit of endorphins...

Could the answer to happiness really lie in a clean desk? ©Getty

1. Dancing

"Dancing carries the endorphin rush of exercise with the added bonus of fostering our interpersonal relationships," says Bell.

He suggests grabbing your partner the next time you make a cup of tea to throw a few impromptu shapes - "or freestyle moves on your own and feel the happiness rush through you".

2. Being Friendly To Your Neighbours

"If we walk by a person who is frowning, if makes us feel tense," Bell says. "When we walk by someone who is smiling, we want to smile back."

By saying hi to your neighbours, he says, it's a double win. You get to feel good, and you'll likely have your friendliness reciprocated.

3. Cleaning up your desk

"Sorry to burst your bubble but getting organised at work can make you three times more likely to be happy," says Bell.

"Many studies show that an organised space allows us to focus on doing our job more effectively as clutter causes stress."

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