These Punk Witches Have Just Released A Hex On Donald Trump

They're hoping it will stop him becomming President Photo by Jade Jackman


by Vicky Spratt |
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The US election is upon us in all its nail-biting, shake your fist at the TV screen glory. This election has been so bizarre and the stakes are so high that it’s easy to feel helpless about the imminent outcome.

Fear not, though, London punk band Dream Nails are here to save us all. The self-proclaimed ‘feminist punk witches from hell’ are vexed about Donald Trump, so much so that they’ve used the new video for their song ‘Deep Heat’ to release a hex on him.

Dream Nails are cool AF – their music is where feminism meets punk and politics. TBH, after watching their new video we’re almost concerned for Trump.

Lyrics include lines such as ‘nobody cares that your dick is on fire’ and 'sriracha on your balls' - the band say that this is more than just a song – it’s a hex on all misogynistic politicians.


Photo by Steph Jed

Vocalist Janey told *The Debrief * ‘it’s hard to know whether to be angry or just laugh at the absurdly awful things male politicians say, so we created a song that combines rage and joy all at once.’

The band have released their melodic curse with just hours to go until polls close in the U.S. election, it is a last ditch attempt to stop Trump winning and becoming the next Leader of the Free World.

Dream Nails are nothing short of riotous and in true riot grrrl tradition of the likes of Bikini Kill they take aim at the key issues of the day in style. ‘We used to always dedicate this song at our shows to George Osborne and David Cameron’ Janey says, ‘and look – they’ve now resigned. Hopefully it’ll work on Trump too.’

So, if you're feeling nervous about the outcome of tomorrow's election we suggest you put 'Deep Heat' on repeat until tomorrow night and let’s hope our collective power can convey loser vibes to Trump all the way across the Atlantic.

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