This Pub Is Hiring Staff Exclusively Through Snapchat

The owner says it makes the hiring process, er, Snappy


by Fiona Byrne |
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It makes sense when you think about it, as a server or greeter or any staff member at a bar or restaurant, your friendliness level is everything, so what better way to gauge a prospective employee’s vibes than through a quick video?

Owners at Sober Lane in Dublin put out a sort of casting call for new employees, asking that instead of sending in CVs that they just send a Snapchat message to the company, detailing why they should be hired.

Owner Ernest Cantillon told that Snapchat makes the hiring process, er snappy. ‘There’s no back and forth,’ he said. ‘People are only able to send photos or 15-second videos and it either catches our imagination or not.’

He says applicants should get creative when making their Snapchats, so naturally they’ve received a few unusual videos, including one juggling applicant.

If it wasn’t already obvious, the whole doubles up quite nicely as some free publicity for the pub, too. Oh, and in case you were wondering, Cantillon opened the first branch of the pub in Cork, named for a nearby lane that’s actually called Sober Lane.

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