Is Prince Harry About To Propose? Everything You Need To Know About Cressida Bonas

Is Prince Harry About To Propose? Everything You Need To Know About Cressida Bonas


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It looks like Prince Harry is well and truly off the market, ladies! Rumours started swirling this weekend that Hazza is about to pop the question to Cressida Bonas. After dating the dance student for a FULL 18 MONTHS, the 28-year-old is expected to make an announcementby the end of the year with a wedding taking place in the spring, reports *The Daily Star. *"Cressida is The One," said a Palace insider. "He's so close to her. All the tell-tale signs are there. People have heard Harry talking about how special Cress is and about getting engaged."

Previously Harry enjoyed (and sometimes didn’t enjoy) a relationship with Chelsy Davy. The pair dated on and off for about six years but he is now thought to be absolutely smitten with Cressida. So who is this young woman who has captured the Prince’s heart? Here’s the 10 things you need to know about the possible future Princess…

1. She’s not afraid to dress down. When her and Harry were photographed yesterday Cressida was wearing a pair of tracksuit bottoms prompting debate in our office over whether or not WE would wear them if our boyfriend was a Prince. He’s not, FYI.

2. Cressida and Chelsy went to the same university. Yep, they both studied at Leeds although several years apart – that could have been awkward.

3. Princess Eugenie was their match maker. Well, isn’t this a right Royal affair! Cressida and Harry reportedly first got together after being introduced by his cousin, and her friend, Eugenie. Aww.

4. Cressida likes dating men named Harry. Before the Prince she went out with a man named Harry Wentworth-Stanley. His father is the Queen’s cousin, don’t you know.

5. She wants to be a dancer. Cressida currently studies dance at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in Greenwich. Swanky.

6. She’s not a big fan of the spotlight. When Cressida attended the WMA pre-Wimbledon party at the Kensington roof gardens last week, our sources told us she was really nervous about walking the red carpet.

Who Is Cressida Bonas? Everything You Need To Know About Prince Harry's Girlfriend Cressida Bonas: Everything You Need To Know About Prince Harry's Girlfriend

Cressida Bonas loves a bit of recycling chic [Rex]

7. She’s already got the recycling thing down pat. Cressida attended a party last week in a sparkling blue jacket and matching heels. She then wore them again just days later to her friend’s wedding. Clearly Kate Middleton has been giving her some tips.

8. Cressida’s nickname is ‘Cress’, probably just because it is a shortened version of her name. Not because she looks like a small green plant.

9. Look away now, Kate! Cressida’s older sister Isabella Gough-Calthorpe was rumoured to have been a former flame of Prince William’s.

10. One of Harry and Cressida’s first dates was to The Dark Knight Rises premiere. Well, there is nothing sexier than Batman.

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